IxD Programs + Community College = New Opportunities

Let’s face it, design education is in a state of disruption.

The design industry and what’s required to be a successful designer in today’s market is changing, and the demographic of our student population is shifting too.

Along with these changes comes an opportunity to develop more UX/IxD coursework and programs within design education.


I want to share with you my presentation from the IxDA Education Summit held in New York City in February 4-5, 2017.

I spoke about a topic I’m very passionate about: the unique opportunities to create Interaction Design programs at community colleges.

Now is the right time for more community colleges to develop UX/IxD courses and programs for design students. Most UX/IxD programs are not accessible to many students because of the high cost of tuition and other living expenses for four-year universities and colleges.

What can we do about this?

Create more affordable UX/IxD degrees.

IxD Programs + Community Colleges = New Opportunities from Jamie Cavanaugh

What’s the future of IxD Education?

We have the opportunity to:

  • Seek diversity
  • Support accessibility
  • Define curriculum

It’s up to design educators and designers interested in the future of design education to drive the change!

Take a look through my presentation and let me know what you think.

IxD Programs at Community Colleges // designhigher.com

Directory of UX/IxD Programs

One of the resources I’d like to create is a directory of UX/IxD Programs located in the United States.

What’s surprising is that there aren’t as many UX/IxD programs as you’d think!

Here’s a list of the ones that come to mind:

Would you find a directory of UX/IxD Programs in the United States helpful?

What are your concerns about teaching UX/IxD design?

Let’s chat! — Leave a comment below

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